End of the World - Mixtape

by New Truth

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    First Official Release from New Truth. Celebrating the end of an Age, and welcoming a new one-
    twitter: @newtruth_
    instagram: newtruth_




First Official Release from New Truth. Celebrating the end of an Age, and welcoming a new one.

BearHead Productions


released 22 December 2012

Lyrics - M. Agee, B. Draper
Produced by Artizun/NEW TRUTH for BearHead Productions
Recorded & Mixed By - Blair Draper
Recorded At - Basement Studios, Salt Lake City, UT

Instrumentation Credits - Blair Draper, Marcus Agee, K.E. on the Track, RZA,

Other Credits -
Artwork - Negrodamus / Dominique Charlton
Image Production - Justin Johnson at Justified Clothing

ARTIZUN would like to give thanks to: Aubree Hegdahl (My co-pilot in life), Marcus Agee, Tara Draper Agee, Jeff & Rose Draper, my Family Support System, Justin Johnson, Justin Richardson, Brian Gelvin, Elbert Brown

New Truth would like to give thanks to: First and foremost Our Fans. It sounds cliche, but you are the one's who truly make the ultimate goal possible to achieve.
We'll always keep you first in mind and remain selfless with our art.
Also, The Pink Collar Shop, Justified Clothing, the MakeMind Family, Bigga Dreams Productions, Akai, KRK Systems, Yamaha, Apple, FocusRite, MXL, Green Buddha, Bud Light, K.E. on the Track, Good Hip Hop, the Local Salt Lake City Community, Mestizo Cafe, Wasatch Renaissance, the State of Utah&Mississippi




Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Track Name: Grand Slam
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Track Name: No Joke
Dirty like an old grandfather
Poopin', like a toddler
Got pinkeye from usin' mics like kaleidoscope
Can't ever write anything but Dope
-Like you smoke-
At a spoken-word concert

Bangin' on the bongo drum
Surprised I haven't lost a lung
Artizun - Gets it done
Callin' me AMBITION.

'bout to make a transition into a newer life
But I ain't comin' back
No, I'm not Christ!

Truth is the light
More like religious way of life
Pass the Peace Pipe
On to the RIGHT side

We do things our own way
We paid the price
Gonna be here ALL day

Laughin' like the joker when you first heard
Where our road was heading'

but you can't break
Our emotion
That's called devoted
Holdin' the tracks down
The train is rollin'

& now I'm playin' the pipe
Like Pied-Piper

New Truth, lyrical styles
You can't Decipher
Even a private eye wont help you find out
What we're all about

Too many words can't all come out at the same time
But at the same time, I'm layin' down slick rhyme!
On our own dime!

So if you don't mind,
Gotta get back on the grind
Don't make me remind you what we do

It's the BearHead reppin' New Truth
Single-handedly savin' all the youth
We put our talents to use
To create a New Brew
She got that 'swine flu'
That shit consumed you!

Like that 'HaChoo'
-HQ-Mr. NoHook-

Only took me 25 to bring ya back to life
Measured in seconds
'bout to make the entire earth shake

Like Talldega,
I'm Shakin' & Bakin'
While the others are layin',
Home in bed - Wishin' they could make it!

But they're fuckin' fakin'….
Track Name: 4/20 [Undercover]
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Track Name: 3 Wishes
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Track Name: The Menace [of Marijuana]
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Track Name: HaChoo
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Track Name: Sick! [Bonus Track]
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Track Name: He Did It Again? [Bonus Track]
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